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Modern music can be a hellscape of corporate enterprise - all bright lights and no substance, with way too many cooks in the kitchen pumping out songs like a strip mall restaurant chain.  Andi Jane’s music is that dim speakeasy you’ve heard whispers of, a place around the corner where those in the know slip away to taste a fare more exotic.  If you follow the increasing hum of roots music and muffled revelry coming from that dark alley, you might just emerge into a neon Babylon of song, dance, and wonder.  Welcome, you’ve just found one of Nashville’s hidden gems - Andi Jane & The Honky-Tonk Cabaret.   

Count yourself lucky.  While the music will remain just as transcendent, it’s only a matter of time until Andi Jane’s singular blend of country, jazz, rock, and R&B will require larger venues.  Her electric performance takes the audience on a journey.  Piano driven honky-tonk gives way to dramatic horn numbers, the show ebbs and builds like a multi-act play, seamlessly fusing traditional American music with worldly rhythms and dance.  This immersive variety does not act to divert one's attention from her poignant lyrics--it enriches them.  After all, Andi is a true songwriter who has set out to put her own spin on a hallowed yarn, and it’s a weave that can only come from a dreamer.


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